Supporting Veterans and Small-Town Texans in Dripping Springs, TX

The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) is devoted to providing assistance and services to veterans and their families. Through the Veterans Assistance Fund (FVA) grant program, eligible charitable organizations, local government agencies, and veterans service organizations can receive reimbursement grants to fund direct services for Texas veterans. Mary Taylor Henderson, motivated by her father's admiration for the Longhorns, has established a charitable trust that will offer much needed Law School scholarships for veterans and small-town students. The Patriots' Hall of Dripping Springs is a permanent 10-acre retreat and resource center for ALL veterans and their families to connect and find support.

It offers rotating art classes, therapeutic workshops, off-site field trips, networking opportunities, motivational speakers, family reunions, VA claims assistance, and an on-site wellness center. The Camaraderie Foundation organizes a series of equine retreats for veteran spouses, where participants can take part in trust-building activities. Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, Georgia provides no-cost vacations for veterans and their families. It includes clinical counseling, employment support, financial assistance, housing modification, support for homeless veterans, peer support services, free legal services, referral services, small business support programs, support services, transportation programs and services, and treatment courts for veterans.

Veterans and military families can also book a stay directly at the Veterans Camp in Big Marine Lake year-round at an affordable price. The Texas Veterans Commission is delighted to announce an opportunity for citizens to actively participate in shaping the future of support and services for veterans by coming together. Through the FVA grant program and other initiatives like the Patriots' Hall of Dripping Springs and Camp Southern Ground, veterans and their families can access a variety of resources to help them transition back into civilian life.

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